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Character booking terms and conditions

Our live booking is always set to show availability but because we cover a 50 m radius of our base, we need to consider each booking on a case-by-case basis and check our ability to cover the mileage between one booking and the next.

You will be notified of your booking acceptance or rejection by either email from or text message from 07702135309.

Because we service such a wide area, some areas will incur an additional travel fee. Central London bookings will incur additional charges for congestion charging and ULEZ charges. These charges will be added to the package cost at point of invoicing. Should you wish to know the travel costs prior to booking, please contact us for a quote. Packages require a 50% booking fee at time of booking.

Our Perfect Princess Package can be booked for 30minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. The package is adapted to fit the amount of time booked but examples of what is included is: Music via a PA system, sing-along, princess games, dancing, posing for pictures, offering temporary tattoos, cake cutting opportunity. Our packages can be personalised to your requirements which can incur a further charge.  

We require a 60-minute arrival window for all bookings. This allows time for any travel issues or costume adjustments. Should you therefore book a 1pm arrival, our actors will arrive between 1pm and 2pm and will stay for the booked time from entering the party.

Please have a room or private area for our entertainers to prepare and change in. All performers require a cool, shaded area in high heat, and warm dry area in the cold. The must not be in direct sunlight for extended periods if time, must be free of dirt, mud, sand and aggressive wind and rain.

To protect our costumes we cannot perform in elements that may be damaging to our costumes. Performers reserve the right to leasve the location if he or she is being subjected to damaging conditions. Please have an alternative location available in such situations of inclement weather.


It is the hosts responsibility to ensure the behaviour of the guests is of an acceptable level. Performers reserve the right to leave the venue due to inappropriate or hostile behaviour which includes (but not limited to) verbal or physical abuse, pushing, hitting, pulling on the entertainer or their costumes.


Should any concerns rise with regards to our services or the quality of our services rendered, we require that you contact us while the entertainer is present at your event. This allows for the ooprtunity to make adjustments and therefore resolve the issues immediately. Once the entertainer leaves your event, it is mutually assumed and agreed that you, the customer, was satisfied with our services.   

The agreement of the entertainer to perform is subject to proven detention by sickness, accidents, accidents by means of transportation, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of god, force majeure, or any other legitimate conditions beyond the control of the entertainer or Domes and Dreams Ltd as a company. Should the entertainer not arrive within the 60 minute arrival window, then the fee is refundable. Should you allow the entertainer to go ahead with the booking outside of this time, no refund would be due.


Domes and dreams Ltd employ many different actors and entertainers to portray our characters. Please be aware that you may not received the same actress pictured on social media or our website, or at previous events. Specific actors or entertainers can not be guaranteed.


We must make it clear that you understand that we are in no way affiliated with Disney, Marvel, Sony pictures, Viacom, Nickelodeon or any other trademark company. Our costumes are our own. Our party props and crafts are handmade. We do not rent or sell ANY trademark products or materials. We have to intention of infringing any copyright and take every necessary step to avoid doing so. It should be made clear that we have no intention to violate any copyright laws so we make small changes to our characters to ensure that we are using unique costumes and name our characters our own names so as not to infringe those laws.

We do not offer licenced characters from TV or movies. Any resemblance to branded copyright characters is purely incidental.



DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you find the need to postpone your visit, you must give at least 14 days notice to do so. Bookings can be moved (subject to availability) to another date within 6 months of your original booked event.

The customer takes full responsibility for any injuries or legal actions

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